The architecture in the area of Turkey has in itself been very famous and an inspiration to a lot of people to enjoy through one way or the other. The architecture style can be primarily called the Ottoman architecture and is one particular period that excelled in creating architecture designs in the right time as much as possible and that too I the maximum influence as much as possible. There are three main periods of architecture through the Turkish history and we can understand each one in detail and understand things one way or the other.

The first one is the Original and Ottoman architecture and was extended over a hundred years and was mainly based on mosques and palaces around the period and there are towers and spires as we see them all around and at the same time, we can all be easily understood about the situation as such. But at the same time, French and Italian architecture is also making sure that there is one way or the other there is an influence one way or the other. At the same time, the influence is visible and the art lovers have been understanding the situation as much as possible.

The next phase is the demonstration of other empires in which we can see the next phase and then there is a representation of new architecture and then see that the new architecture follows the fall of the Ottoman architecture. The simple square and rectangles are the shape of the block structure and hence the domes and the spires were not included as much as possible and then there is a simple, straight design which is as good as the ottoman empire.

The contemporary architecture in itself is found in all the places from the biggest cities to the smallest villages as much as possible. Some architects have been showcasing the wonderful architecture and then there is a guesthouse along with community homes and even business building as much as possible. The other contemporary hotels and other stadiums around the place are all famous for their unique nature and even have been receiving accolades and awards.

It is no just about the style and there is an importance to the place which makes it a hub for energy production and is a place that has its own unique value overbuilding and making sure there are unique designs which when we look at this is too good to miss.