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The Long March of the Kurds Just Published The Kurdish National Movement

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Kurdistan Stories: Who is Who in Kurdistan Iraq: Photos

Photolibrary of Kurdistan Introduction

Photo Gallery: Panoramas of Kurdistan


There will be a war between Arabs and Kurds if …

Parwen Babaker, a strong voice from Kurdistan Iraq

Nawshirwan Mustafa, the voice of the opposition from within

The last Oil Frontier

A Kurdish Oil Emirate

Hadar’s bitter sweet revenge

Have the Kurds lost the battle for Kirkuk?

A rare interview with Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin, Saddam Hussein’s first judge

  • Idris Barzani’s last testament
  • Ibrahim Ahmed: The Rebirth of a Kurdish Novelist
  • Hiner Saleem; Long Live the Bride…
  • The emigration of Kurdish women
  • War in Iraq; The Kurds’ Secret Scenarios
  • Reconciliation: Iraqi Kurds agree to agree… for now
  • Rostam Aghala, a Romantic Kurdish Painter
  • Federalism comes first
  • Mines: The Wages of Fear
  • An Island of Prosperity and Calm
  • Jalal Talabani President . We are responsible for the security of Iraq
  • Mullah Ali Bapir’s Ordeal in prison with Baathist leaders
  • Hiner Saleem: Out of exile, a new film
  • The Worst Case Scenario
  • Kurdistan: A Sanctuary for Iraqi Christians

PhotoGallery: The Dervishes

Photo Gallery: Halabja


  • Bahman Ghobadi: The Pain of Giving Birth to Kurdish Cinema
  • Inspite of Bahman Ghobadi being laughing or smiling; he is a very serious man. The reason for the absence of smile in the face is that he is solely responsible for all the effects being caused if any. Film making is not a simple process or a easy job to be carried out. It involves more hard work and smart work. All the works from funding, casting, voice recording, editing, etc is also carried out by him. Before the start of the work, he has to seek for the approval of shooting the film with the screenplay being ready. Visit here for the detailed step by step procedure to start taking a film shoot.
  • A Kurdish Awakening
  • Hajji Ahmadi: PJAK fights for a confederal Iran
  • Bahman Ghobadi: After the Persian Cats… I have a dream

Photo Gallery: Turtles can fly, Bahman Ghobadi’s last film


The secret Oslo talks that might have brought peace to Turkey

The songs of Shvan PerwerMad Dreams of Independence. A Hidden WarLeyla Zana, the only Kurdish woman MP Mehdi Zana: A Voice from behind the bars Yilmaz Guney’s Last InterviewParliament in Exile:A propaganda ploy? Revelations on the PKKAbdullah Ocalan’s Last Interview

Abdullah Ocalan: The end of a Myth

PKK dissidents accuse Abdullah Ocalan