Kurds ; also said as Kurdish are the group of people. This ethnic group of people are Iranian who are native to Western Asia. In terms of Geography, this is the mountainous area. It is known as Kurdistan that encompasses the south eastern Turkey, Iran in North West, Iraq and Syria in the northern direction. Exclaves of Kurds are present in Anatolia and Khorasan. Along with the Kurdish people, there is another community of people called Kurdish Diaspora in the cities of Turkey. The Kurdish people ranges from the 30 million to 45 million people. The Kurdish ethnic group of people speak a Kurdish and Zaza Gorani language that belongs to the Indo European family. The religious point of Kurds is also diverse who follows many religious aspects like Yarsanism, Yazidism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism.

Kurdish is spoken by Kurds that has the collection of related dialects. The parts of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria are collectively known comprised as Kurdistan. Kurdish is considered and spoken as a regional language in Iran. On the other hand, it is spoken as a minority language in Armenia. Most of the Kurds are capable of speaking their own mother language and other languages too. They are bilingual or multilingual. The Kurdish dialects are classified as the northern group (the Kurmanji dialect group), the Central group (a part of the Sorani dialect group) and the Southern group (a part of Sorani dialect group that includes Laki, Ardalani and Kermanshahi). The ethnic Kurds are Zaza and Gorani. One can see here now the dialects of Kurdish in detail.

The exact origin of the name is not clearly known to any one from the history of times. It is hypothesized that the term Kurd was originated from a Persian word. In the 20th and the 21st century, the women were treated well and rights were given to them equally. Inspite of many advancements in the Kurdish society; there are many social problems that still persists in the society. Some of such problems are gender equality, child marriages and forced marriages for the bride or groom, killings keeping honour in the mind and so on.

Amidst the Kurds, the practice of piercing tattoos in their body is widespread. The ink used in tattoo is made from some unusual combination of substances like breast milk, some toxic substances taken from the bladder of some animals and soot. They are more prevalent among women that among the men.