People from different countries and different regions have a very wide variety of cultural and traditional traits. Kurdistan is a beautiful place with a lot of natural beauty and a long history. Unfortunately, the situation in the last few decades has come to a point that tourists are wary and very few people visit it. Kurdish Culture is very distinctive and specific to the people of Kurdistan. It is a very ancient culture and the Kurdish people are spread around in different areas. This has caused different influences to get incorporated with their original culture. Kurds are now living in western Asia, Middle-East, parts of Iraq, Iran, and, Syria. They are also present in parts of Armenia, Azerbaijan and also in faraway South America. There is a lot of controversy about the origins, history, and, their political future of the Kurdish people. However, they have some very distinctive cultural features.

1. Language: the Kurdish language is part of the Indo-European language family, on the Iranian branch. Because of their spread into different countries and regions, the language has taken words and inflections from different languages. It is written in the Arabic alphabet in Iraq and Syria and in Latin script in Turkey.

2. Music: music is an important part of the Kurdish culture. Traditionally it has been used to tell stories and record history. Most popular musicians of the 20th century sang in Turkish or Persian as well as in Kurdish. Apart from the language, the music has influences from the different areas and the tunes and sounds are also different.

3. Food: they have some wonderful mouth-watering recipes and you must try the authentic Kurdish food when you go there. Pej, which is rice stuffed in grape leaves, shifta, which is meat patties, and ser u pe( goat’s head, tongue, and feet) are some of the unique traditional dishes that you can sample. Lamb and chicken are the staple meats. Vegetables and dairy products also are a big part of the traditional Kurdish cuisine.

4. Religion: the Kurdish people have different religions depending on the country in which they live or have cultural links with. Most common religion among Kurds is Sunni Islam, which is practiced by 98% of Kurds living in Iraqi Kurdistan. Religion has come to be a major and fundamental part of what it means to be a Kurd. If you ever plan a trip to Kurdistan or meet any Kurdish people in any of the areas that they are in then it is good to show them that you know and understand their culture. You can learn more on the web and understand the uniqueness of these people.