Silver is cheaper than gold, and this means that an investor can buy more of silver as compared to gold with the same amount of money. Silver thus becomes a popular choice for investors who want to invest but with less capital. Read The News Spy to get more details.

Silver is also more volatile as compared to gold. Those who trade actively will benefit from this property of silver. The volatility of silver causes it to move with significant swings, and thus, one can take advantage of movements in silver. The volatility is because the market is small as compared to gold. It is also because the gold market is more for investors who are looking for stability as compared to making returns in the market.

Compared to investing in equity, silver is a safer haven to invest in, especially in times of financial instability. Silver is also liquid, and this means that when you want to sell silver in the market, you will easily find a buyer at the price that you want to sell it.

Here is how you can invest in silver

There are several ways in which you can invest in this precious metal. You can go through the other details on The News Spy. Check This Out if you want to try out another volatile investment option called cryptocurrency.


Buying bullion is the most popular way to invest in silver. You can purchase the quantity of silver that you want with your money. The method is simple, and here you own the asset and can sell it when you want to. You are the one who is responsible for storing and insuring it. The advantage is that you do not have to deal with any third party when you buy bullions.

Silver Futures and Options

Investing in silver options and future is a common method to invest in the commodities market. The future and options contract lets you invest in the silver market movements. Your profit here is not on the market value of silver but how the value of silver changes.


Silver ETFs

Silver ETFs are funds traded on the stock exchange. They are a bundle of the third-party assets, and the value of your investment is dependent on how the third party assets perform.

The silver ETF will track the market price of silver. Investing in silver ETF is a popular choice because it gives you high liquidity and you do not have to own the silver, which means that you do not have to worry about the logistics.