“Break the windows so that the birds are free”, title not definitive of his last film, tells the story of a revolt in a prison. The revolt is led by the children – we see Yilmaz Guney explain to an amateur actor, of Uruguayan origin, who plays the role of a guardian, how to react when one of the children threatens him with a huge kitchen knife. 

Making a movie with children as actors is not an easy task. Ask any filmmaker and they will tell you that working with children and animals are the two things which require a lot of patience. It is even more difficult when the children don’t speak the language or are from a foreign land. It was the same for Yilmaz Guney who made a movie about a revolt in a prison. The revolt is led by children and though there were adults in the movie, there were many children in the movie. If you want to know more about this movie you can check on the related site.

But the revolt will be muted, and the film ends on the arrival of new children to the prison. Reconstitute the very special atmosphere that reigns inside a prison is very difficult with amateur actors. Yilmaz Guney gets away with “poetic realism”.