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It is with these unique documents – some 130 articles published in the major international press and 25O often previously unseen photos – that a pair of reporters, a photographer and a journalist, publishing their reportages under the name of Chris Kutschera, have retraced 40 years of Kurdish history.

These 40 years, from 1971 to 2011, cover certain major episodes in the history of the Kurdish movement, from the struggle waged by general Barzani in his Hamilton road bastion to the quasi-independence of an Iraqi Kurdistan on the brink of becoming an oil emirate, along with the combat of the Iranian Kurds against the Islamic regime in Tehran and the epic tale of Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Turkey.

Since his imprisonment, he was held in isolation in a small Turkish island called Imrali. He was held there as death punishment was abolished and instead ended up serving life imprisonment for charges on him for terrorism and treason charges. Even though he has been out of the picture for some time now there are more followers and much influence after all this time. Though across Turkey he is considered to be leading terrorism around the country and has been claiming to have killed a lot of people. The people who are involved in making him popular and even those who have been involved in popularizing the idea of him have all put behind the bars.

Now since he has been given permission to meet his lawyers, it has been clearly understood that the authorities are thinking about ending the entire isolation. This has also given Kurdish politicians and activities the chance to end their protests and hunger strikes. The reason might have a political angle to it also but then we can be sure that there are many reasons and more tips here suggest the reason along with the aim to reduce political unrest in the country.

Presented with notes that situate them against the background of the period and that of the authors’ journalistic career, these documents are essential keys to an understanding of the struggle of a people numbering over 30 million to have at last its own State.

Chris Kutschera has already published several books on Kurdistan and the Kurds: Le mouvement national kurde (1979), Le défi kurde ou le rêve fou de l’indépendance (1997), Le Kurdistan, guide littéraire (1998), Le livre noir de Saddam Hussein (2005), Kurdistan Stories (2007).

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